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Are you intrigued by watercolors but don’t know where to start?  Perhaps my project, “Solitary Iris Watercolor”, that will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Painting World Magazine, will provide the inspiration you need to get your feet wet.  

 “Solitary Iris Watercolor” features a striking violet iris, standing tall on a dramatic backdrop of compound black with sterling silver medallions providing the finishing touch; check out the sneak peek below.

Paint the iris along with me while you learn myriad techniques including...  
  • Creating soft transitions of color and value
  • Using stroke direction to develop both texture and form
  • Building values and increasing intensity with layers
  • Creating compound black for greater complexity of color
  • Strategic color removal.
  • Negative stenciling
  • Gilded stenciling
  • Float-mounting the finished painting
Quality supplies can be costly, especially if it is a medium new to you.  To facilitate optimum results, you should use the best materials that you can afford.  I want you to be able to try your hand at watercolors using professional quality artist  supplies without a scary, huge investment.  When painting with Watercolors, I use Mission Gold.  These are artist quality, professional grade tube watercolors with no need to remoisten.  

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To get you started, we will be offering a pre-filled palette with the professional artist quality colors you need to paint this project.  This way you can use the same materials as I, but for a minimal expense.  If you'd like to know more about that you can get in touch with us here. If you fall in love, you may want to paint the companion piece “Irises in Watercolor”, which uses the same palette.  

If you are steadfast  in your love of acrylics, that’s okay, you won’t achieve exactly the same look but, with the exception of any steps that require lifting color, most of the steps can be done with watered down paint. 

Either way, enjoy the process and have fun!