Fiber Arts | Craftsman Flourish Series

Original Rebecca Baer® designs on linen.      

Although commonly referred to as "rug" hooking, designs can be intended for a variety of uses including, but not limited to, wall hangings, chair seats, pillows, table runners, stair treads or risers, and of course, rugs.

      The Craftsman Flourish series includes a traditional-shaped chair seat design, a coordinating rectangular layout suitable for a small stool or throw pillow, and an area rug.


      My journey into rug hooking began with a desire to create a custom covering for an antique warehouse cart repurposed as a coffee table. Being an odd size 29" x 47" meant that a commercially made rug to fit the space was unlikely to be found, let alone one that coordinated with other elements in the room.  Naturally this led to a desire to make a rug using my own design.  Off I went to a nearby store offering an introduction to rug hooking.  While learning the basics I created my rug design so that it was ready when I completed my introductory project.  If you are at all familiar with rug hooking and fiber arts you know that the materials do not come cheaply, especially hand-dyed wool.  With that in mind, I wanted to practice a bit before tackling such a large project  on my own.  As a result I created the coordinating chair seat design, of which I hooked two, making adjustments between the first and second and incorporating the lessons being learned.

for the Craftsman Flourish Series

The coordinating small rectangle design came about because the rectangular stools situated around the same island as the stools sporting the hooked chair seats seemed lacking.  Rather than use an identical color plan I have chosen to incorporate additional colors pulled from fabric elements in the same room.