Teaching | TOU

We don't object to your teaching Rebecca's designs; as a matter of fact, we encourage it! With that in mind, we believe that everyone--from the designer to the teacher--should be rewarded for their skills and the role they play in the creative community. If we work together so that all are fairly compensated for their contribution(s), we create a sustainable model that allows for continued participation and growth of the arts.

  • Teaching eCourse materials and/or projects is prohibited.  RB eCourses for Creatives are available to all students to enroll directly and may not be repurposed for local classes.
  • We present a selection of fabulous designs that are created with you in mind. Each design is registered with the U.S. copyright office and the instructional materials, whether received in print or electronic format, may not be reproduced in part or whole including photos, diagrams, patterns and/or text for the purpose of sharing, teaching or any means of disseminating the information.  Printing multiple copies of eTutorials,  in part or whole,  for any purpose other than personal use by the original purchaser is prohibited. 
  • You may teach from our tutorials; however, a tutorial must be purchased for each student in the class. If you have made modifications to the design or created it in a different medium you are not exempt from purchasing the tutorials. Your changes may be included along with our tutorial when distributed to the students. 

The following statement is included on the back cover of our painting tutorials: "This project may only be taught if a tutorial is purchased for each student."
At the beginning of the step-by-step instructions the following is included "This design (or portions thereof) may only be taught if a tutorial for each student is purchased from Rebecca Baer®, Inc."

Neither statement is particularly complicated nor ambiguous. Tutorials are intended for a single user--the original purchaser. Rewriting, hand tracing or any other means that attempt to circumvent the prohibition on reproducing materials is not allowed. Any method one uses to try and skirt this requirement is both unethical and illegal.

  • When sharing the results of your creative endeavors or advertising your classes please mark the images prior to posting online.   We do not ask this because we want to take any glory away from the person who painted it. It is necessary for all images posted online to be marked with the copyright holder's name or website to avoid being declared orphan works and stolen from the artist. 
  • Wholesale terms are available for stores stocking product at physical location; please inquire. We do not offer discounts for online merchants. For anyone seeking our products online please refer them to rebeccabaer.com.