Privacy Policy

We are a small, independent business with no intentions of misusing or abusing any information that you share with us.  We treat it as carefully as we would our own personal data.


Cookies are used to do things like record website behaviors, which is not a bad thing.  For example, cookies are used to keep track of items in your shopping cart, making it possible to shop online.  Cookies may also be used when you click an affiliate link so that the website can track the origin of your visit and compensate the sender.  You can delete cookies from your computer or even turn them off but you run the risk of a website not working properly.  Our website's use of cookies is benign. You can rest assured that we aren't out there stalking you.  Who has the time?

Your Data

Your data is saved in a few ways in order to bring you the best experience.


When you shop with us you input information like your name, shipping address, email and phone number and payment information without which we could not properly process your order. We do not retain any credit card information.


We don't automatically add you to or newsletter mailing list when you make a purchase on our website.  However, you are automatically added to our MailerLite newsletter service provider when you create an account on Rebecca Baer® eCourses for Creatives website.  This is done via Zapier, which magically connects the two.  This means that your name and email are held by each of these GDPR* compliant providers.  If any of these entities did not store this information you would not be able to access the online course(s) in which you are enrolled nor receive important course-related updates.  There is a link in each newsletter that you can use to unsubscribe.

Like any newsletter service provider MailerLite automatically tracks whether or not you open a mailing and if you click on any links.  Sure, we could troll through this information for thousands of subscribers to see if they opened a mailing and which links were clicked but really, we have more pressing business to attend.

Your right to be forgotten (GDPR* Requirement)

If you want us to delete any information we have and pretend you don't exist we can do that.  Sure, it will hurt our feelings.  After all, we are only human.  Just send us an email to make us aware. Keep in mind if we delete your information from our online school you will no longer have access to any courses in which you may be enrolled, whether free or paid.

We hope this answers any questions you may have concerning your personal information.  If you have any questions you can reach us here.

*GDPR is only relevant to users in the European Union.