I Have a Question

I noticed that you use the term "painting tutorial" to describe your instructions. Can you define a "tutorial"?

Each tutorial consists of a step-by-step explanation of how to complete a project or technique along with a supply list, pattern (line drawing) and color list. They are sold in either print or electronic format and are intended for private, home study by an individual. Printed tutorials are sold as a physical product printed on paper with supplemental photos. The electronic format is viewed on a computer screen, typically in the same layout as the print version. E-tutorials are published as PDF's and require the free Adobe Acrobat reader. Not all designs are available in both formats.

Is there a difference between an electronic tutorial and a video/DVD?

Yes. An electronic painting tutorial is a PDF of the print version and is intended to be viewed on a computer screen. E-tutorials require the free Adobe Acrobat reader. A DVD/VHS video is a moving image in which you watch the demonstration of a project or technique. A video may include a line drawing and supply list if applicable. Because instruction is conveyed both verbally and visually, a printed tutorial is not provided with a video. To avoid confusion we place video/DVD in the Books/Booklets and Videos category so that it is separate from the tutorials.