Launched in the late '90s as a conduit for artistic inspiration this site is an ever-evolving and growing collective of creative souls from around the world. If you are passionate about art, and all things creative, then you will feel right at home here. 

Inspiration & Education

In these pages you will find many techniques and tutorials to support you in your artful journey. 

I've traveled extensively to share my unique artistic style with enthusiastic co-creatives. A more recent venture is the development of my online school where you and I can collaborate. So now you can play too! Jump in and get your hands dirty—it will be loads of fun! You can check out the currently available eCourses here. I look forward to our time together.

I also have an awesome color series that can provide a solid foundation if you are just beginning your voyage. It is equally suited for an experienced artist. 

Many artists find the study of color to be overwhelming and complicated, but it doesn't have to be. I invite you to join me on a colorful journey. We'll take it one step at a time, module by module. You can ask questions and I'll answer. It doesn't matter if you are experienced or are relatively new to the world of color, the application of methods learned in this course will enhance your color knowledge and color mixing proficiency. It's easy to jump in and join the fun. You can read all about it and enroll in the first module of "Color Your World With Confidence | Making Sense of Color" here.

Most importantly, I never stop learning and as I discover new things, I get to share them with you. 

Your Creative Mentor

As you might surmise, this is not my first day. I have an extensive background as a designer, author and international instructor. I've penned books, innumerable tutorials and magazines articles, created videos and spent many years as a feature columnist for an art magazine, in which I offered original recipes along side artful applications. 

Product Development

In 2001, I launched, my first line of stencils, which proved to create broad cross-market appeal and allowed me to expand my creative circle of friends. We now have an extensive array of innovative and imaginative stencils and they just keep on coming!

Art Licensing

You will also find my art on home decor goods, housewares, accessories, cards, rubber stamps, quilt fabric and more, which offers you even more outlets for your creative expression.

To request information on licensing Rebecca Baer® designs please use this link: Contact