50+ Sweet Endings

As a creative person my artistic passions are many, ranging from art & design--including painting, quilting, beading & sewing--to name a few, to recipe development.  Many endeavors involve my sidekick, AKA, daughter who is a fabulous gourmet cook and co-creative.  Her culinary-focused business is "My Gurl & Me", offering culinary support, education and inspiration.  Whether you are a foodie at heart or aspire to be a kitchen creative, you are our people and will feel right at home with us.

We would like to take this opportunity to announce the release of our inaugural cookbook, "50+ Sweet Endings".
First ordered means first to ship.  As a bonus, we'll be happy to personalize your book(s) with a note if you'd like.  For personalization please specify the name (required) and message (optional) when you place your order.  

50+ Sweet Endings is packed full of information to facilitate your success.  In addition to over fifty fabulous recipes, you'll find our "Recipes for Success" consisting of helpful hints, tips & tricks, along with "As easy as it gets." options for when you just can't squeeze out the time to make it from scratch.

Our recipes are a mix of original creations along with improved classics, each reflecting our unique approach to the sweet treats presented.  When developing a new recipe we typically research to determine consistent elements as well as the variables across a range of recipes and then we begin our experimentation.   We modify proportions, flavors, add-ins, and so on, until the balance is just right. The next step is to describe our process in an uncomplicated, easy to understand format. We offer insights and provide tips to help you along the way. 

Now it’s your turn! 
Gather your ingredients.  Arrange your workspace and get ready to create. 

Embark on a culinary adventure.
Be inspired. 
Liberate your inner chef. 

Order 50+ Sweet Endings

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