Creating with Printables | Part III

DIY Image transfer using printable, digital art by

Creating with Printables Part I & Part II detailed methods for using RB Stenciling Gel* to mount and transfer images both with and without the paper on which they are printed.  Images can also be transferred with gel before the paper is removed and still result in a transparent image.


In this case the image will be reversed so any text, such as monograms, will need to be printed backwards.

This method is not suitable for inkjet printed images, which will bleed.  Use either a laser printed/copied image or actual photos.

Apply a coat of gel to the front of the image to be transferred; air dry.  Apply a second coat of gel to the front of the image and, while it is wet, place it face down on the surface** to which you wish to transfer the image.

Use a brayer or plastic card and work from the center to the edges to smooth any bubbles.  Do not get any gel on the back of the image or it will impede the removal of the paper.  Allow this to dry overnight.

Saturate a towel with water and lay it on the image to soften the paper.  Use your fingers or the towel to rub off the softened paper.  Once it has dried you can see whether any bits of paper remain.  If so, repeat the process.  Once the image is paper-free, protect it with a coat of varnish.

*RB Stenciling Gel was originally developed as an embossing medium for use with stencils. That is beyond the scope of this post but keep your eye out for this topic in a future post.  This gel is suitable for so much more!  It dries crystal clear and can be used as a gloss gel medium for collage work or thinned for mounting fabric as shown here.  As an acrylic polymer it bonds with acrylic paint and can be used as a glue.  I achieve much better results using this gel when assembling projects (adding embellishments, feet, etc)  than either hot glue or stinky glue.

**I have had excellent results using RB Stenciling Gel on various wood, paper, glass, fabric, canvas and metal surfaces.

Copyright considerations:  When selecting art please be mindful of ownership and usage especially if you hope to sell your creations locally or online.  Just because you bought a roll of gift wrap with pretty images it doesn't mean you have permission to create derivative works using the art.  Photocopying imagery from cards or other commercially available work is definitely taboo.