This is not a Tertiary Hue

This is not a tertiary hue. 

Nor is this. 


Or this.

No. No. No. 

And No.  

The plight of the tertiary hue seems to have fallen victim to the old adage, “If you proclaim something long enough and loudly enough it becomes the truth”.  Or more accurately in this case, it is perceived as truth.  

Misinformation is everywhere. It is unwittingly perpetuated by many well known, respected and knowledgable artists--many whom I admire--who, no doubt learned from other well known, respected and knowledgable artists, educational references, self-proclaimed color-authority websites ...and the list goes on.  The truth about tertiary hues is in danger of disappearing, being crowded out by inaccurate proclamations.

What is often labeled as a tertiary hue, when accurately defined, is an intermediary hue.  Contrary to what you read or have been told, the terms tertiary and intermediary are not interchangeable.

When is comes to dispelling the myths surrounding tertiary hues I feel like a lone voice calling in the wilderness and I would love some company.  You can join me on my colorful journey through the world of color and, along the way, discover the truth about tertiary hues. So, are you in?