Stencil Harmony | Scrolling Vines & Geometric Shapes

Collage-Style Stencils

When the right patterns are mingled they blend together in beautiful harmony (cue music). Many Rebecca Baer Stencils complement one another. At times it's a matter of knowing which are designed to pair well together and at other times it's a matter of trial and error. Either way, mixing patterns makes for a more striking outcome than using a singular motif. With my collage-style stencils I have done much of the mixing for you but even those can be paired with others. The possibilities are limitless.

Chevron & Vine Stencil |

Enchanted Vine Stencil |

Contrasting Elements

You'll notice that the painted (rayon fabric) scarf shown here makes use of two stencils, Chevron & Vine, along with Enchanted Vine.  Each includes a mix of designs, with flowing curves and angular lines, incorporating a total of five motifs producing striking and complex results that engage the viewer. 

Fabric Painting | Stenciled Scarf |

Another stencil that would coordinate with either of these two is Harlequin Damask, which encompasses scrolling vines and geometric shapes as well.  

Harlequin Damask Stencil |

If you are looking for a seasonal theme pair Harlequin Damask with Pumpkin Spice.

Pumpkin Spice Stencil |

By pairing a stencil with a strong motif, like the pumpkin, with one that is more abstract you can avoid having the motif dominate the composition.  All of the featured stencils are found in the collage style stencil category of