What You Need To Know About Online Courses

You may have noticed that, in addition to traditional instructional materials, I offer online courses.  In time, online learning will replace our stand-alone printed materials although most, if not all, Rebecca Baer® eCourses will include printables.

Is online learning is right for you?

Have you enrolled in online clubs--with limited time to access the materials, subscribed to magazines, or attended workshops, conferences or other educational venues?  Have you missed out on classes because they were not at times or places that fit your schedule or your access expired? What if you could receive the same instruction--with no expiration date--in the comfort of your own home, at your convenience and without any of the travel expenses incurred by attending in person?

As a student enrolled in my courses the benefits are many, not the least of which are incredible savings.
  • Your access to the course(s) purchased does not expire
  • You learn in the comfort of your own home
  • You incur no travel or lodging expenses 
  • You proceed at your own pace
  • You experience no pressure to keep up with a fast-moving class
  • The course can be viewed, paused, stopped and reviewed as often as needed

Is online teaching right for you?

Let's face it.  Making a living as an artist is a challenge.  This has become even more challenging with limited publishing and teaching opportunities.

Courses can include video, text, audio, slide shows and downloadable assets, like PDFs.  Student's access to a variety of learning tools helps them to readily grasp the content.

Content delivery is electronic so you do not need reams of paper, packaging and printers. Plus, an online store requires financial investment in products.

You can create an online community and give people the tools they need to realize their dreams.  Courses can include comment sections where the students and instructor can interact.

Do you have dreams of sharing your knowledge with others?  Maybe you don't have a space available  to host classes.  Perhaps there is not a sizable student base near enough to attend. Or you would like to expand your reach beyond your local region.

Have you designed for online clubs, magazines, workshops, conferences or other educational venues?  What if you could establish your own academy?

You have options

Education has value.  Everyone has their own unique skill set and base of knowledge.  How you share yours is up to you.

Course marketplaces (these advertise for you--Udemy is an example) allow you to create and control your content but they control all aspects beyond that, including your access to students. Some even dictate the pricing for your course.

YouTube is free to use and you can monetize your videos but the average YTer makes fifteen dollars a month. 

Alternatively, Teachable gives you control over not only your content but also direct access to your students (via email), your school branding, course price and marketing.

Update:  Teachable has changed the terms of their entry level plan, limiting your school, not each course, to ten students before you are forced to upgrade to a plan with a monthly fee.  For this reason I do not feel it is the best place to launch a school.  You can no longer build your audience before transitioning to a monthly plan.