Upcycled Furniture | eCourse

I've used a vintage table to demonstrate inspiring techniques to give your favorite finds new life!
In this course you will learn to:
  • Create flawless color separations. This is useful when you want to retain natural or stained areas bordered by color or when more than one color is used on a surface.
  • Create picture-perfect stenciling with crisply defined details. 
  • Create consistent, clean borders without measuring.
  • Wet distress the surface to create an aged, worn appearance.
  • Stencil on glass. The same process can be used to trim mirrors.
  • Disguise minor stenciling imperfections.
  • Apply gilding to glass. The same process can be used to decorate mirrors.
  • Use clear wax and tinted wax.
  • Create a beautiful piece of furniture!

To participate, simply go to the Upcycle a Vintage Table eCourse page and click on the big aqua button to enroll.