Pre-order Opportunity

Be sure to read about preordering details at the end of the update.

Last week we attended the World of Color Expo in Herndon, Virginia (near Washington DC).
I taught a watercolor class featuring Hollyhocks and it went very well.  The tutorial is now available in your choice of electronic format or print format*.  The design is painted on Arches Watercolor board.  If you would like to use this surface send an email following your order and ask for hot press w/c board cut into the panels shown.  This design also uses Liquid Mask and the medium Harlequin Damask stencil [ST-8012].

Also shared at the show were a new ornament series.   The series includes eighteen completely unrelated designs.  Six designs are painted of each of three ornament styles and make use of either a large or small dimensional embellishment.  You can view the entire series here*.  They fill two pages so be sure and look beyond the first page.  If you visit the detail page for each ornament you can click on the images to make them larger.

New from Maureen McNaughton

Also presented at the show were new ornament designs from Maureen McNaughton.  You can purchase the eTutorial for these from Maureen and the ornaments from us.  Naturally, they are gorgeous.  You can see them below.

Surfaces for both Maureen's ornaments and my own series can be purchased here*.  The Ribbon Pennant, Round and Onion Dome can all be purchased with your choice of embellishment(s) so check the images to see which have been used for each design.

*Pre-order Opportunity Details*
Having just returned from the World of Color Expo we are in the process of re-stocking.  You can place orders for the ornaments, my tutorials as well as any other materials you need and they will be shipped in late November.  Check the calendar; that is not far away!  What is the advantage of ordering now?  Orders are shipped in the order received so ordering now will put you at the front of the queue.