Upcycled Mixed Media Scarf | One-day Project

Unlike some of my other scarves, which begin with a  painted multi-day process for the background and are then finished with stenciling, all phases of this scarf can be completed in a single day.  The only exception to the one-day project length is the addition of embellishments such as hand beading, should you choose to add any.

The scarf that I am using is salvaged from a project gone wrong; it happens to all of us at one time or another.  I couldn't bear to trash it as I had hand-beaded both ends, which took a significant amount of time. The original version had turned out beautifully only to have the paint release from the fabric after six months or so.  I spoke with the manufacturer and neither they nor I could determine what caused the product failure.  My fabric choice and application process seemed fine.  Since we could not determine the cause I will not name the product originally used on the scarf.  I threw the scarf in the washer (sans fabric softener) to remove as much of the original application as possible and then line-dried.  My scarf was now ready for a do-over!

As you can see I selected warm hues for my scarf but you can use any color combination that suits your fancy.  Complementary colors (those from opposite sides of the color wheel) will create mud when mixed.  I recommend using analagous colors - these are from the same side of the color wheel - all cool or all warm, so that you do not create muddy hues.