Banner Display | Hidden Hook and Loop

Before we can get to the myriad ways to hang a banner we'll need to start with the surface material. I use a medium-to-heavy weight Roclon

You can cut out your finished banner shape before you begin or wait until everything is complete before trimming.  I prefer to paint my design first so I can adjust the final parameters if needed. If you are not a painter you can wet mount fabric or other materials on the banner using this method.

You'll notice 
throughout the series that I usually emboss the tabs or flap to add interest.  You can create this effect using the method shown here.

Once the banner design is complete, refer to the series suggestions to select the manner of display, then trim as desired and apply a finish to both sides to prevent curling.

Hidden Hook and Loop 

Sticky-back hook and loop dots come in handy when you want to change your banner often and want to prevent breaking the extensions on your brads by repeated bending to and fro.  Brads can be used in a decorative fashion in conjunction with hook and loop dots.  To do this, punch holes and pass the brads through the tabs only (not through the body of the banner).  Use the dots to secure the tabs.  This way you can open the tabs to change the banner without removing the brads.