Banner Display | Tabs and Brads

Tabs and Brads 

Cut the top of the banner into tabs, the size or shape can vary to suit your taste.  For the banner shown I have used a straight cut but rounded, angled or pointed are also options.  Execute a decorative treatment on the back of the tabs if you want to fold them to the front as I usually do.  To use brads you will need to punch a hole through both the layers of the canvas with a screw punch and mat.  Insert the brads through all layers and spread the extensions to secure.  

For an alternative look you could fold the tabs to the back then secure with brads from the front.

Tabs don't have to be straight across the banner if you have the right hanger. Joyus Noel illustrates a stepped hanger with a nine-tab precut banner designed to work together.  The Banner is divided into three segments to work as a triptych.  My design crosses all three but each could be decorated with an independent yet coordinating design.