Banner Display | Folded and Machine-Stitched Pocket

Folded and Machine-Stitched Pocket   

I know, this one sounds kind of boring but it deserves place in the line up because it serves a purpose.  It is super sturdy, will stand up to windy days and rainy nights, and vice versa.  It is probably the best choice for a banner displayed outdoors, unprotected.  Once it is painted, the material is significantly stiffer than unpainted roc-lon and can be difficult to manage.  It can be stitched as long as you allow enough room on your tables to manage the material. I have a Pfaff machine and had no trouble sewing through two painted layers although the stiffness of the painted canvas made it awkward to handle.  I double-stitched the pocket (two rows of stitching 1/4" apart) for extra strength because the banner is to be used outdoors.  Note:  The banner shown is not intended for outdoor display as it uses variegated leafing, which may tear in windy conditions. This image is only intended to show the simple, stitched pocket.