Banner Display | Straps and Slots

Straps and Slots 

At first glance these might look like regular tabs but take a closer look. This is another clever way to hang a banner when you didn't allow extracanvas for tabs or a pocket.  Use RB Stenciling Gel to mount a strip of roclon to the back of the canvas along the upper edge of the banner for added stability where the slots will be cut.  Decide the size and number of straps you will use and decorate these as desired. Create slots that are slightly wider than the straps you will use.

 For the example shown I decided on five straps (an odd number is more pleasing than an even number).  Use the screw punch and mat to establish the ends of the slots.  This will give the slots nicely rounded ends.  Use a sharp craft knife to cut away the the section between each pair of holes.  Pass the straps through the slots, fold ends to the back and secure with brads as shown.  Alternatively, fold the ends to the back and (permanently) secure with RB Stenciling Gel or (temporarily) secure with hook and loop closures.

Stacked Pumpkin Trio