Scarves as a Work of Art | Video Tutorial Part II

Steampunk Firestorm
View the precursor to this video series Scarves as a Workof Art to learn about the process that takes place before the stenciling.

This video details both "Steampunk Firestorm" and "Dragonfly Fantasy" with a bonus overview of "Seafoam".

Perhaps these will inspire you to make your own fabulous scarf or maybe you'd like to purchase one already made for you.  Each scarf is a unique work of art hand painted to create an original one-of-a-kind designer accessory.

Dragonfly Fantasy
Below, you'll find the second segment of a three-part video illustrating the process of detailing the scarves.  If you missed Part I you can view it here. The series is best viewed in order so you don't miss any details.  To receive an email when the site is updated with final video segment,  subscribe to  website updates hereOnce you complete the form you will receive a confirmation email from feed burner. Be sure and check your spam folder. You must confirm your subscription to activate.

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